Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Traffic calming...

You're in a car. 
The road ahead of you narrows, and there's a queue immediately beyond that, clearly there's a hold up ahead.
Do you, a) wait before the narrow bit so that the unimpeded oncoming traffic can still get through, or b) drive in to the narrow bit, imagining that this somehow gets you ahead, regardless of the fact that you are now, for absolutely no good reason, blocking the way for oncoming traffic.
Which is it?
B), you fucking dick, why? How does it help anyone? No-one can get infront of you if you wait, you're not going to get anywhere any quicker. You've just made a few people needlessly late to pick their children up from school, to get to an interview, to get to the doctor's appointment they've waited 3 months for. 
They all hate you, and so they should. You should be made into a traffic calming measure; a speed bump, where the calming comes about when people get to drive over your ridiculous, selfish head, gradually driving home the idea that a bit of fucking foresight might help everyone, including you.

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